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Doug Cortney

My name is Doug Cortney, and I’m running for Highland City Council.

I make only three promises.

  1. I probably won’t remember your name next time we meet. (I’m ridiculously bad at names.)

  2. You and I will not always agree.

  3. I will work harder for this city than any other candidate in the race.

I will ensure I have the facts about every issue that comes before the City Council. I will work with the residents of Highland to ensure I understand opinions about these issues — and that the important issues make it to the City Council. I will be up front and honest about what I think and why. If you disagree, you’ll have a chance to change my mind.

If you'd like to know more about the issues I see facing Highland, check out the Issues page on this website.

If you have questions or would like to talk with me, call or email!


Why I'm Running

Solving problems together

The overriding issue for the next Highland City Council is money.

Based on a study Highland commissioned earlier this year, we will be unable to pay for 20% of our expenses by the time candidates elected this year leave office. Unless something changes.

The $700k shortfall for public safety wasn't included in this study. So, the Public Safety fee approved in June didn't improve the outlook. It was only enough to make sure things didn't get even worse.

The City Council members we elect in November will be the ones to change this dire situation.

I have attended most of the City Council meetings this last year. I have read the information presented to the Council.

We need members of the City Council who spend the time to be informed. Who actively reach out to Highland residents. Who bring people together instead of driving people apart.

As a Director of Software Development, my entire job has been bringing people together to solve problems. I'm good at it.

I want to use my skills to ensure Highland has a bright future. Not just for those of us living here today but for the future generations for whom we hold Highland in trust.

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Contact Doug

I want to hear from you. What do you think about Highland's upcoming challenges? What do you love about Highland? What concerns do you have?

Highland, Utah


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