Responsible Finances

There are three things needed to ensure Highland remains financially strong. I am committed to all of them.

  • Responsible spending

  • Prudent planning

  • Creative solutions

Open Space

Many residents have strong (and differing) opinions about the Open Space Fee, and nearly everyone agrees that open spaces are not sufficiently maintained.

We must come together as a city to have an honest discussion about our open spaces and how we pay to maintain them.

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Character of Highland

We love Highland because of its character -- a relaxed, friendly community with lots of open space and a small, efficient government.

We must fight to keep Highland's character while ensuring enough flexibility to avoid stagnation.

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City Budget

The General Fund study completed earlier this year forecasts deficits beginning in FY 2022. This is partly because there are known expenses coming that aren't included in the budget.

We must address the looming shortfall, and we must ensure all foreseeable expenses are budgeted. 

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Historically, smaller cities and towns operated on smaller budgets because residents pitched in when there was a need. This area once had volunteer fire departments, for example.

We must find creative uses for volunteers in Highland, and we must actively recruit volunteers.